Las Vegas Homes

Las Vegas is not just the gambling capital of the world or the place which has the best entertainment on a daily basis; it is also a thriving city that has over 2 million residents. If you are looking to purchase las vegas luxury homes and increase that number, you will probably look at a development called Summerlin.

Summerlin is a huge development which includes several luxury residential communities, located in the mountains skirting the Las Vegas Valley. Although some of these communities vary greatly from one another, they are the same in so far as they all offer luxury homes which have security, unique landscaping and magnificent views of both the mountains and the city. Their distances from the city vary from 5 miles to 17 miles but all of the communities are connected by 150 miles of trails that also connect to a further 2000 miles of trails, making them one of the longest trail systems in the southwest. Included in these trails is an 18 mile loop around the Red Rock Conservation Area, which provides some of the most spectacular natural scenic views in the country. This means that residents of these Summerlin communities, not only have easy access to all that the dazzling city of Las Vegas has to offer but also access to an amazing array of outdoor activities, especially hiking and biking. In case those two things alone are not enough to entice you, each of the communities has its own recreational facilities that include golf courses, spas, gyms and fitness centres as well as shopping arcades and gourmet restaurants. Some of the communities also have their own casinos and resort style swimming pools.

You may think that with all these facilities that all these homes are in the high end market but, although some of them are and can cost as much as several millions of dollars, some are more reasonably priced with price tag of as little as $200,000. Regardless of the size or value of the home though, they are all located within areas that have guarded gates for security and privacy. An example of one of these communities is The Pointe, an upscale community that only has 12 homes. From any of these homes, views of the whole Las Vegas Valley can be seen including the lights of the city. Located in the mountains just above another community called The Ridges, this community setting can offer you the best in relaxation, privacy and luxury. Another example of one of these communities is the Lake Las Vegas community. This is an area that has residential homes surrounding a 320 acre private lake. Once again this is a gated residential area which has had such well-known residents as Celine Dion and Chris Tucker. These homes not only share a lake but they also share, built into the middle of the community, Monte Lago Village, a replica of a Mediterranean style village complete with cobbled streets, piazzas, art galleries and waterfront cafes.